Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mandi Does Burlesque

So those of you that follow my antics on the Facebook fan page will have heard my proclaiming that I was going to challenge myself to lose 45 kg (100lbs) and do a burlesque dance for my 40th birthday.  I have till November 2012 to pull this off and figured I better get started.

I decided to do this for several reasons.
1.  I grew up as a tomboy and I somehow missed  learning basic girl things,  like how to walk in heels and flirt for that matter, that an just going from serial monogamy to married at a very young age I kind of skipped the whole flirtatious dating scene thing (I went to a 80% guys school and was in the U.S. Navy, I could have had 3 boobs and a watermelon growth out my head and I would have still had plenty of suitors).
2.  I am a Scorpio and we are naturally sensual and seductive.
3.  Now I am almost 40 haven't a clue how to flirt, overweight, and am single....but the brilliant part is I am free to go learn this stuff without anyone being able to say squat about it!!!!   And I want to.  It looks like so much fun.
4.  I have spent the last 7 years mucking in on a farm...enough was enough the girl in me wanted to come out and play.
5. After opening my photography studio and mulling for three years on my logo it finally manifested itself as a bright Barbie doll pink and I have completely found my groove photographing women and empowering them to look their most amazing and celebrate their bodies what ever size they came in, now I wanted to look as amazing as them somewhere.

So when I heard about Miss LaBelle's Burlesque class I thought.  "Right I am at my top weight ever.  I weigh more now than I did when I was nine months pregnant with my son and if I can learn to embrace myself at this size and stand tall proud and sexy with it then I will rock it even more when I am in a physically healthier space."  So I went along tonight in my red "hooker shoes" as my mum likes to call them and wobbled in.    Grace the teacher was disarming lovely and her studio "kitten" was in a corset fishnets and was roughly my size in the posterior regions.  I took one look at her and relaxed significantly.  Now learning the steps I reminded myself of a slightly less than graceful giraffe as in my three inch wedges I towered about a foot above most of the class and my legs seemed to not have a clue what my arms were doing.  But it was fun and by the end of the class I had a semi semblance of a swish to my walk...which I promptly practiced (a much subtler version) all the way up Cuba street to the photography meeting I was late for at Southern Cross.    But I felt sexy, and swish, all 120+kgs of me and that felt divine.

So if you have been thinking about it, but haven't had the nerve to try it.  I say go for it.  Grab a friend if you need to, but take the class.  Claim your feminine powers back! And stand strong and proud in your 3 inch hooker shoes with your new confident swish to your stride.  Get your girly on!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Marvelous Maddie | Wellington Pin Up Photographer

Maddie is absolutely stunning and came with a very cool concept for how she wanted to be photographed.   She brought in images from a magazine shoot that she really liked the hair and make up on and the styling of the shoot and we did our own take with the dramatic makeup and sultry chic feel to it.  I just adore her in this shot and there were so many more delicious ones.  She is already concocting what she wants to do for her next shoot in August.

The July Pin Up shoot at the Museum Hotel is booking up already so make sure you get your space if you are keen.  $250.00 will get you primped for and hour and a half with the amazing crew of Natalie from Hil Cook's team and Emily from Belles Bombshells then you get an hour and half photo shoot with me (yeah!).  They are so much fun!  I LOVE doing these shoots so much!!!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liza Limpecka

Our next shoot for the Goddess on the Cliff Collective will be a shoot of Liza Foreman's Hats taken atop dresses by Kerrie Huges and Sophie Voon.  The setting will be the Museum Hotel...can you tell it is one of my favourite haunts.  Ansu Singh, Nicola Pepperill, Hope Burns, and Grier Birkinshaw have agreed to be our models.  The shoot will be taking inspiration from the Great Gatsby as well as the paintings of Tamara Limpecka.

Gatsby images

Monday, May 16, 2011

Brilliant Body Painting Artist | Ellie Stewart

Now this girl can paint.  I could not even begin to believe the beautiful work that Ellie did on our model Jepha for the calendar.  If you ever get the whim to be body painted for an absolutely OTT photoshoot....this is your girl!

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I have the best job in the world.  I get to prove to people how beautiful I see them!  Women come to my studio often nervous somewhat shrinking violets, and by the time we are only halfway through the photo session they feel so amazingly beautiful that they are just about ready to strut down main street in their nickers.  It is a beautiful transition watching someone inner beauty bloom right in front of my eyes.  Magic really.

I have worked for years with women, first as an obstetrical nurse and now as a multi award winning photographer.  I used to deliver babies...now I deliver women back to their own sensuality and power as feminine creatures.   Stunning...and so much fun.

So what is it gonna cost?  Returning to your true feminine nature and getting magazine worthy photographs of the occasion....Priceless.  So really everything I do is an extreme bargain.  

To get my team of crack make up and hair artists undivided attention for 1.5 hours....$150.00
To get my creative eye for an hour and a half plus a mini modelling lesson $290.00.
Prints start at $290.00.
Portfolio Packages start at $1200.00 and can go up into the thousands depending on how much you want to pamper yourself.  The choice is yours. 

Fashion | New Zealand Fashion Photographer

a sampling of the Commercial Fashion Work by Mandi Lynn

New Zealand Fashion Week for Basquesse

Vogue Italia

Some of our work featured in Italian Vogue  for full credits please click on the Vogue button.

Angela Lewis
(waiting for release date but Summer Range just shot)

Return to Eden 
Elegant Children's Clothing | Editorial for Oh Baby Magazine

Mandi loves to shoot modelling portfolios for adults and children of all levels of experience.  And also just for women who want the experience of being a model for a day. 

A 40th to Remember | New Zealand Pin Up Photographer

Donna just had her 40th birthday last month.  I want to look this great at 40!!!!

Americarna Alamode | Wellington High Concept Image Producers

Americarna A La Mode
The wait is over!  Americarna Calendars are finally available.  These little babies are raising money for Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Hutt Hospital's Neonatal Unit.  They are limited edition only 2000 of them will be made and a quarter of them sold before they were even printed, so make sure you get yours before they are gone.

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Signed or Unsigned?

One persons crazy idea turned into 60 peoples play time creating this whimsical calendar...we even got the fire service involved!

Over 60 volunteers from around the country chipped in to make this calendar to support the Special Care Baby Unit and when the Christchurch Earthquake hit in the middle of filming they all said lets print some more and help them out too!

Middle of summer and dead freezing for this shoot.  Check out the blue jacket Georgia was wearing in the behind the scenes while her poor sister was in her bikini in the blustery Petone Foreshore. 

This beautiful Packard is one of only 7 in the world.  The model on top is a one of a kind :).

Our angel was our 13th month.  I just thought the dress was so pretty I wanted to use it and then into my studio walked Nicola...I hadn't seen her in a year or so (she is the daughter of a good friend), and I thought...there is my angel...and so she was.

All proceeds are being split between the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and the Special Care Baby Unit at the Hutt Valley DHB.   So make sure you buy one for yourself and one for someone you love.
Pay it forward baby...pay it forward.

Own a business?  Wanna make your clients really happy and do something good for the community too.... then get them a pin up calendar.  If you pay for 9 calendars we will send you 10 in your package.  Yeah!!!!  The calendars are G rated, and appeal to both men and women, and the cause is just lovely and will give you good business karma.

Signed or Unsigned?