Saturday, May 14, 2011

Girly Day Shoots

Come on.  You know you have thought about it....getting all dolled up and having your picture taken at your sexiest!  Something to show the grandkids to let them know that you were quite the catch in your day.  

Our crew is all female and we are all very passionate about making women look absolutely stunning.  We are friendly and cuddly and playful and we have a wonderful giggly girly time.

So what happens on an A La Mode Pamperlicious Girly Day Photoshoot?

You will receive:

Glamerous Makeup that will have you glowing in front of our camera.

We have a stable of Hair and Make Up Artists that each have their own specialty so once we have had your preshoot consult where we collaborate to create the best look for you we will match you to one of our artists. 
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