Gallery of Pretty

Girly Day's
Some of my picks from our Girly Day Weekend Shoots.  None of these girls are models...however several are aspiring...I even asked one of them to model for a shoot I was doing for Kerrie Hughes and she ended up on the Italian Vogue eh.  But what I am trying to say is that these are real women and girls that range in size from 8-16 and they all look gorgeous don't they?  When was the last time you had a picture this beautiful taken of you?



Pin Up Calendar
These images come from the Americarna A La Mode Calendar that a group of Wellington Creatives developed and A La Mode did the Creative Direction and Photography on.  There were over 60 volunteers that contributed their time and talents to be part of this very cool project.   To order your limited edition calendar click here.

Vogue Italia
This section is a testament to karma.  The images that were created here were done by part of the team that came together to make the charity pin up calendar.  The synergy of talent was so good that we were noticed by Vogue eh?