Friday, June 15, 2012

Nummy Noelle

Noelle was one of our model for a day winners that we met at the Wellington Wedding Show.  She is on her way to get married in Germany and wanted to get some lovely shots done for herself and her partner.  We had such a good time on this shoot and lucked out.  As I was taking her to my favourite black wall to shoot on there was this gorgeous mustang parked in front of it and the owner / friend of the owner / some dude on the street was standing by the car and let us use it for the shoot.  LOVE the result. 

When Noelle came to collect the images this week she was laid out with a cold and then wrote us this, " Thankyou again so much for the beautiful makeup, hair and photos! I love them! My cold is going away and I am pretty certain it is because my body figures it has to feel at least half as good as that woman in my photos looks."

Glad you are feeling better Noelle and I hope you have a wonderful trip to Germany.

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