Monday, May 16, 2011

Brilliant Body Painting Artist | Ellie Stewart

Now this girl can paint.  I could not even begin to believe the beautiful work that Ellie did on our model Jepha for the calendar.  If you ever get the whim to be body painted for an absolutely OTT photoshoot....this is your girl!


  1. Ellie was amazing! Really knew how to make me comfy and how to make it awesome fun. I couldn't believe the finished product haha, I barely recognized me! When I saw her first sketch I had a vague idea but it looked amazing when all put together, from the stripes down to the fiddly little jewel on the snow flakes. Thanks Ellie =)

  2. Ellie was so super professional and reliable too. She came to me as Project Manager and asked how she could help. I gave her the brief over email and she took responsibility for the whole thing from start to finish. The result was outstanding and I will certainly be using her for future projects. Well done Ellie!