Monday, June 6, 2011

3 cheers for Vogue Italia 3 + size models on the cover!!!!

Today I would like to celebrate Italian Vogue's decision to put 3 beautiful plus size models on the cover. Outstanding!!! And a long time in coming.   Personally for me, feminine beauty does not come simply in one package only but in multiple shades and multiple sizes, and our societal fixation solely on one look only saddens me.  Tall and skinny look great on a runway because of their ethereal like quality but there is something to be said definitely for the shimmy and shake in the walk of a girl who has padded out her curves too.  So today I will walk the streets applauding everyone I meet for the sheer beauty of the frame that their soul walks in, from a diminutive granny and all of the life she carries in her beautifully sculpted wrinkles, to our stunning pacific island sisters with their mocha skin and thick abundant dark hair, to the sprightly teenager trying out different looks to see which one resonates with her soul I will walk with a secret smile for every lady I meet.

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